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Whitney comes from a background in fitness, health and wellness, and sports. She draws her style of bodywork from these elements creating a rhythmic blend of modalities with focus specific body work. She incorporates an intuitive blend of trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, and some table stretching while maintaining a firm pressure depending on the specific needs of the client. She enjoys working with hip related issues as well as shoulder and neck tension relief. She also really enjoys prenatal massage. Whitney is dedicated and strives toward creating a space for clients to embody inward focus while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment. Her esthetic philosophy is that every individual is authentic in their biochemical makeup, therefore no skincare regimen is the same. She believes that beauty starts from the inside, and much of her approach comes from addressing detoxification and nutrition to achieve healthy radiant skin. Whitney works to honor each client’s skin concerns according to their needs while celebrating what makes them unique.
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